always make sure your first move is your best move it tells all your business and what you desire you can change your mind a thousand times later but still be vulnerable 'cause now they know what you want and you can't take it back   you know ... when i kissed him he stood … Continue reading low-jizz-sticks

Between Old Men

  granddaddy was different. lived alone in north carolina. gradmama lived up north. the mason-dixon drew a line between them when mouths to feed made a difference and love was the work. above and below, divided union   men in the kitchen played checkers, drank whiskey, waited for sweet potato pie. granddaddy tied a towel around his waist, … Continue reading Between Old Men

The Book of Kelsey

I.  His skin was purplish-brown like a decaying Canna Lily.  Sometimes he brought red flowers and they too decayed like lily skin. Dried bouquets of history dangled from the ceiling, wrapped in rope made from my veins.  Their petals were flesh pulled from my body to show me beautiful things.  On the nightstand sat a cracked … Continue reading The Book of Kelsey